3-on-3 Basketball

Points for Peace is a 3-on-3 hoop-it-up style basketball tournament for all ages.

Student-run Organization

Students Against Terrorism and Points for Peace are run by dedicated and determined students.

Standing with Israel

Students Against Terrorism is committed to raising awareness about terrorism and the devastating effects it has on Israeli civilians.

Solidarity with Israel

Our Mission Statement

Students Against Terrorism is a student-run organization whose goal is to demonstrate solidarity with Israel during these difficult times and support victims of terrorism in Israel. The organization is committed to raising awareness in the community about the devastating effects of terrorism on Israeli civilians. Together, we send the important message to the people of Israel that they are not alone.

Our History

Students Against Terrorism – since 2003

In March of 2002, six Yavneh Academy of Dallas high school students attended a Yeshiva University sponsored leadership conference in Connecticut. It focused on active leadership and various ways to help the situation in Israel. After the insightful and motivational conference, the students returned to Dallas to share their thoughts with other students. The result was the formation of Students Against Terrorism.

Our Impact

In just over a decade, we’ve raised more than


$15,000 for Adopt-A-Family – 2003

$30,000 for Magen David Adom Ambulance – 2004

$75,000 for Koby Mandell Foundation – 2005

$30,000 for Keren Malki – 2006

$20,000 for OneFamily Fund – 2007

$30,000 for Koby Mandell Foundation -2008

2009 – $50,000 for Atzum Foundation

2010 – $41,000 for OneFamily Fund

2011 – $50,000 for Natal, Israel

2012- $40,000 for Ohr Meir Bracha

2013 – $42,000 for ZAKA Rescue & Recovery

2014 – $00,000 for ????

Last Year – $00,000 for ?????

Tournament Groups


Kids: 1st – 2nd Grade


Junior Boys: 3rd – 4th Grade


Junior Girls: 3rd – 4th Grade


Senior Boys: 5th – 6th Grade


Senior Girls: 5th – 6th Grade


Teen Boys: 7th – 8th Grade


Teen Girls: 7th – 8th Grade


High School Boys: 9th – 12th Grade


High School Girls: 9th – 12th Grade


Adult Women

Women 19+


Adult Men

Men 19+


Yachad Special Edition


Yachad is the only international organization promoting inclusion for children and adults withdisabilities in the broader Jewish community. Because Everyone Belongs!

Ready to Get Involved?

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The OneFamily Fund

2016 Points for Peace Beneficiary

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Email Inbox: p4p@studentsagainstterrorism.org

Location: 12324 Merit Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75251

Students for Students is a Dallas Based organization which started and is maintained by the Yavneh Academy High School in Dallas, TX.